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Welcome to Medicafe! Inspired to care

Being part of the breed of people who seek to improve healthcare is such a privilege; in fact being a doctor is a great honor. Medicine is a rewarding profession, even though some of you think otherwise.

This website gives you a glimpse of the world of other doctors who have gone through different medical career journeys in pursuit of meaning and purpose in their careers so as to grow and have impact.

Consider the individuals who you started with in your alma mater – your  medical school – they have all taken different journeys , some ordinary we admit , but some extraordinary journeys not only to save lives but to improve the state of healthcare in Africa.

Others, in search of “greener” pastures have completely left the healthcare journey as a career. Sadly some have left their countries of citizenry in search of such greener pastures. Whatever turns your career has taken, we always say that most of it is by choice yet some of it is the environment.

Medicafe seeks to influence these two variables: environment and choice, which are intricately linked by creating a community of healthcare practitioners who will deliberate on healthcare issues in Africa.

We therefore invite you to be part of this awesome journey featuring live chats, information sharing sessions, discussions on topical healthcare issues, mentorship opportunities and career coaching depending on levels of membership. As aforementioned, where your career ends up is a function of choice and environment, and as a community we can influence both variables.

Join now to belong to a community comprising of medics, and allied healthcare workers who shape the healthcare ecosystem in Africa.

What are your aspirations and values

  • I want more job satisfaction
  • I want to improve health systems in Africa
  • I want to make more money from medicine
  • I want to retire
  • I need a better work life balance
  • I want better progress in my career

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then Medicafe is the right space for you. Medicafe needs to answer your questions, but more importantly provide you with a community for you to converse with other people who have or have overcome challenges similar to yours.